Peace of Mind Comes Standard with Agway EnergyGuard™

Whether you manage a home or a commercial property, we know unexpected repairs and projects come up. And while you might budget for them, they might still be stressful and expensive. We’re always striving to bring greater value to our customers, and as a result of that mission, all of our customers receive the benefits of Agway EnergyGuard™ as a standard service.

Imagine never worrying about which contractor to call or who you can trust when the pressure is on to repair something. As a commercial or residential natural gas or electricity supplier, we’re able to provide repair protection on your boiler, furnace, heating and air conditioning systems as well as your electric lines.

A standard benefit to our customers:

  • Primary heating system repair coverage
  • Air conditioning systems repair coverage
  • Electric lines repair coverage*
  • 24/7 emergency response team you can trust

Learn more about the Commercial Repair Protection or Residential Repair Protection and discover how Agway EnergyGuard™ can help you.

*Systems covered depend on commodity purchased.