Agway offers you an option to your local utility company for the purchase of your electricity service.

Value Programs

EnergyGuard™ protection

Provides worry-free protection on your central air conditioning system and the electric lines in your home or business. Central air conditioning unit breakdowns or problems with the electric lines always seem to happen at the worst possible time. When faced with a problem with your central air conditioning unit or the electric lines, you need a service company you can trust to do the job right, and do it right away.

Budget Plan

Takes the seasonal peaks and valleys out of your energy bills, making it easier to manage your expenses

Agway Green Choice™ Renewable Electricity

The Agway Green Choice™ program from Agway Energy Services is an outstanding, environmentally-conscious option for your electricity service. The program enables you to choose “green” power that is produced from small hydroelectric, wind and bioenergy plants based in New York State. By selecting the Agway Green Choice™ option for your electric service, your energy dollar goes directly to New York-based renewable power generators, and not the generators of nuclear, fossil fuel or coal.

Selecting this environmentally-friendly option gives you a concrete way to help change the way power is produced by supporting local, cleaner, renewable resources. When you select the Agway Green Choice™ option from Agway Energy Services, your dollars help bring more sources of renewable energy into production, and also help to clean up the power grid by displacing other, conventional electricity sources

Agway Green Choice™ Renewable Electricity FAQ


Chances are, we can provide natural gas, electricity, heating oil or propane in your new home.

Simple Billing


Takes the seasonal peaks and valleys out of your energy bills.

Emergency Services


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Consumer safety information, or instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.


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