If I choose Agway Green Choice™, is the power coming to my house from these renewable resources?

When you select Agway Green Choice™, you are asking Agway Energy Services to arrange for electricity from renewable resources to be placed on the electricity grid on your behalf. While there is no way of knowing which electrons actually reach your house, be assured that this renewable power displaces the more conventional generators that use oil, coal and nuclear fuel. When you turn on a light switch, you’ll know that you’ve made a difference!

Your money goes directly to New York-based renewable power generators and not the generators who use nuclear, fossil fuel or coal as a fuel. In addition, you and all the other Agway Energy Services customers who select Agway Green Choice™ for your electricity needs are helping to clean up our air by displacing these other sources. Agway Green Choice™ customers are also helping to bring more sources of renewable energy into production, such as the Fenner Wind project.


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