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Safeguard your family’s comfort

Enjoy worry-free heating protection with the Home Heating Repair Program for natural gas equipment

Purchasing your natural gas supply for your home from Agway Energy Services will provide you with worry-free protection on your heating system. Heating system breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible time. When faced with a heating emergency, you need a service company you can trust to do the job right, and do it right away.

Purchasing your natural gas supply for your home from Agway Energy Services will provide you with worry-free protection on your heating system. Heating system breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible time. When faced with a heating emergency, you need a service company you can trust to do the job right, and do it right away.

Treat yourself to worry-free comfort

Protect your family from the expense and inconvenience of heating system breakdowns with the Home Heating Repair Program from Agway Energy Services. If you have a problem with your heating unit, one of our professional technicians will come and make the repair at no charge.

Our plan features full coverage on most parts and labor, and trusted 24×7 emergency service!

Old or new systems… it pays to protect

Older units are more likely to break down simply due to age. Newer units utilize sophisticated technology, which often means high replacement costs. With some parts costing as much as $400 or more to fix, the Home Heating Repair Program is the smart way to cover either your primary furnace or boiler:

  • 24-hour emergency service: Our team of technicians are on call any time of the day or night to handle your heating emergency needs. And, there’s no additional charges for after hours calls.
  • Repair coverage: Your plan covers the full cost of most major parts. Labor to replace covered parts is made at no charge. Learn more.
  • Unmatched expertise: Our professionals are thoroughly trained on all major brands of heating equipment. They’ll deliver fast, first-rate satisfaction no matter what the situation.

This program is available for residential natural gas equipment. Older units may be subject to inspection prior to coverage due to age and/or obsolescence.

The right choice for all your energy needs

For more than 75 years homeowners in your community have depended on Agway Energy Services for professional repair service. With so many generations of experience, you can trust our experts to provide your family with more value, better home comfort, and greater peace of mind.

  • Aquastat
  • Altitude & Pressure Gauge
  • Hot Water Circulator (Limit 1)
  • Circulator Bearing Assembly
  • Circulator Coupling
  • Circulator Motor
  • Circulator Relay
  • Expansion Tank
  • Hot Water Circulator Control
  • Low Water Cutoff
  • Pressuretrol
  • Burner Fan
  • Burner Motor
  • Burner Switch
  • Electrical Wiring (connected with unit)
  • Ignition Cable
  • Fan Belts
  • Fan Motor
  • Fan Motor Pulley
  • Fan Pulley
  • Fan Shaft & Bearings
  • Warm Air Fan Control
  • Warm Air Limit Control
  • Draft Regulator
  • Thermostat (Standard)
  • Relief Valve
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (Water)
  • Standing Pilot
  • Piezo Ignition
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Gas Valve
  • Thermocouple
  • Flame Spreader
  • Transformer
  • Orifices
  • Sail Switch
  • Flame Rods or Flame Sensor
  • Primary Operating control
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Inducer Fan
  • Starting Capacitor
  • Running Capacitor
  • High Limit Control
  • Expansion Valve
  • Starting Relay
  • Low Limit Control
  • Blower Relay
  • Blower Motor
  • Time Delay Relay
  • Fan Center
  1. This Contract covers residential natural gas furnaces or boilers.
  2. The Contract may be subject to prior Agway Energy Services inspection and approval of customer’s heating and storage equipment as suitable for inclusion under this Contract.
  3. This repair program does not include cleanings or annual tune-ups which can be purchased separately.
  4. This Contract covers only those repairs and replacement of parts specified herein which result from normal operation of heating equipment during the effective period of the Contract. Agway Energy Services has the right to terminate this Contract if any person other than an Agway Energy Services employee or its agent(s) renders repairs or adjustments to the equipment, except as instruced by Agway Energy Services.
  5. This Contract does not cover water leaks, water damage, or damage caused by excessive dampness in customer’s basement.
  6. Agway Energy Services shall not be liable for failure or delay in providing the service called for under this Contract if such failure or delay results from: strike or other labor disturbance; fire, flood, lightning, or other acts of God; supply shortages; governmental laws or regulations; supplier’s inability to supply parts; or failure of customer’s supply of electricity, water, or natural gas from companies other than Agway Energy Services.
  7. Agway Energy Services shall also not be liable under this Contract for customer failure to use ordinary care in the operation of heating equipment including, but not limited to, customer failure to keep adequate water in boiler (if applicable), blown fuses, failure to turn on main switch, thrown circuit breakers, or any other cause unrelated to normal operation of heating equipment or which may affect Agway Energy Services’ ability to fulfill its obligations under the terms of this Contract.
  8. Agway Energy Services shall not be liable for gas flow problems directly related to storage equipment, transmission lines, and/or temperature.
  9. When it is no longer practical to continue servicing customer’s equipment due to age or obsolescence, Agway Energy Services reserves the right to cancel this Contract at any time or Agway Energy Services will modernize customer’s equipment (with prior written customer approval and at customer’s expense) which will continue this Contract.
  10. Agway Energy Services’ liability under this Contract is limited to the services specified herein. Agway Energy Services shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages in any way arising out of performance or nonperformance under this Contract. Agway Energy Services’ liability is limited to the payments made by the customer.
  11. This Contract cannot be assigned without the written prior consent of Agway Energy Services.
  12. The term of this Contract shall be for the period of time that Agway Energy Services provides the natural gas commodity to the customer. This Contract shall terminate when Agway Energy Services no longer supplies the gas commodity to the customer.
  13. All parts, equipment and/or labor related to the parts and equipment not covered under this Contract will be charged to customer at prevailing rates. They are: humidifiers, flue devices, electronic air cleaners, heat distributing units (radiators, baseboard radiation, piping, duct work, etc.), boiler and jacket on hot water units or heat exchangers and jacket on warm air units, combustion chamber and chimney, water heater tank, domestic hot water coil and tempering valves, flow control valve, and motorized zone dampers.
  14. The customer’s partial or full payment for their natural gas purchases from Agway Energy Services shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions described herein.


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