Natural Gas Service

Agway Energy Services, a subsidiary of Suburban Propane, provides natural gas to residential and commercial customers located throughout many utility service areas in Pennsylvania and New York.

Agway offers you an option to your local utility company for the purchase of your natural gas service. To help make your energy service more convenient for you, we offer a number of value added programs and flexible payment plans for our natural gas customers, such as our Budget Plan, SmartRate, or FixedRate.

FixedRate Program

For those customers that want the certainty of knowing exactly what their price for natural gas will be every month, we offer our traditional FixedRate Program.

The program provides a fixed price for the entire duration of your Agreement. It protects you when costs increase, but does not allow you to take advantage of any potential decreases should the cost of natural gas decline over the terms of your Agreement.

SmartRate Program

This program provides you with a monthly variable price that enables you to take advantage of potential decreases in the cost of natural gas should they occur.

An additional feature of the program is that a customer can "trigger" or fix their price. This "trigger price" is based on the NYMEX and can be locked in once during the term of your Agreement. Customers who wish to select this feature simply call in to find out what the fixed price would be.

Budget Plan

Keep your heating bills low, simple and predictable.

Many customers get hit with the bulk of their annual natural gas costs during the four winter months. A Budget Plan takes the seasonal peaks and valleys out of your energy bills, making it easier to manage your expenses.

What's more, purchasing your natural gas supply for your home from Agway Energy Services will provide you with our EnergyGuard™ protection program, which gives you worry-free protection on your home heating system. Heating system breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible time. When faced with a heating emergency, you need a service company you can trust to do the job right, and do it right away.

To learn more about your energy options, contact an Agway Energy Services Representative at 1-888-982-4929 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.

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