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Agway Energy Services, a subsidiary of Suburban Propane, provides natural gas and electricity supply and energy-related services to customers in New York and Pennsylvania.

Better Options

Based on substantial changes in state regulation of the energy industry, you now have the option to choose Agway Energy Services for your natural gas and electricity service. Under deregulation, public utility commissions in several states have licensed energy services companies like Agway Energy to act as alternative service providers, allowing consumers choices beyond what their local utility companies can offer.

Better Service

Agway Energy Services has built its reputation on providing a superior customer experience; we enable customers to consolidate their energy services with a single bill, while offering competitive pricing, convenient billing and payment options, and reliable equipment service.

Trusted Name

While currently available in many utility service areas in Pennsylvania and New York, Agway Energy Services continues to expand. Agway Energy has been serving customers in these areas for more than 15 years.



Chances are, we can provide natural gas, electricity, heating oil or propane in your new home.

Simple Billing


Takes the seasonal peaks and valleys out of your energy bills.

Emergency Services


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Safety First


Consumer safety information, or instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.


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