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Maintaining a home has its ups and downs, especially if there are unexpected and costly repairs on the horizon.
If a potential heating, cooling or electrical system failure keeps you up at night, if finding and vetting a contractor is a hassle, or if your budget can’t handle an unexpected repair bill, then you need EnergyGuard™.

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How EnergyGuard™ can help

Think of EnergyGuard™ as a repair protection plan for your home’s heating, cooling and electrical systems but without the service fees, deductibles or the hassle of finding a reputable contractor who will charge a fair price. By having Agway Energy Services as your natural gas supplier, your boiler or furnace is covered should you need a repair. Choosing Agway as your electricity supplier gets you coverage on your central A/C and your interior wiring. We work with a network of reputable contractors, and our representatives are available 24/7 to schedule service for you.

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Who we are

Agway Energy Services is the only third party energy supplier that offers the EnergyGuard™ program standard as part of our energy supply. We supply both natural gas and electricity at floating prices in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
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