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Web Enrollment Program FAQs

Q: Am I eligible for the program?

A: To be eligible for the $50 gift card, Participants must be in good standing with Agway Energy and must provide their valid email address. To be in good standing means that Participant must be an active customer with Agway Energy and be current on all payments. To be eligible, Customer must be a new customer of Agway Energy. To be considered new, Customer may not be a current or pending Agway Energy customer, or have been a customer in the previous 12 months.

Q: Are there any other requirements for the program?

A: Unfortunately, prior enrollments excluded. Also, we’d love to have your email address so that we can notify you of how to redeem your gift card. We’ll also send you our seasonal newsletter and keep you apprised of how you can improve your energy efficiency.

Q: How much can I earn for enrolling with Agway Energy on the web site?

A: Agway will reward you with a $50 gift card from a variety of restaurants, home improvement, or retail stores in your area. You will receive one $50 gift card for each gas and/or electric account that is enrolled on the Agway Energy web site and becomes active.

Q: Is there a limit to how many accounts I enroll with Agway Energy?

A: Great news! There is no limit to the number of accounts you can enroll on the Agway Energy website.

Q: When will I receive my gift card?

A: Once you’ve been an Agway Energy customer for at least three consecutive billing cycles (approximately 90 days), we will process the request for your gift card(s). To receive your gift card(s), you must be an active customer of Agway Energy. Please allow approximately 120 days from your start date to receive your gift card voucher. Your voucher will provide you with complete details on how to receive your gift card.

Q: Enjoy the benefits of EnergyGuard… Then Refer a Friend.

A: Once your account has been successfully enrolled, you may contact our customer service center and refer a friend or family member. Once they successfully enroll and you both have been active customers of Agway for 90 days, you will earn another $50 Gift Card in appreciation for sharing our services.

Agway Energy may modify or terminate this program at any time for any reason without notice.

Issuance of gift cards is subject to review and approval by Agway Energy Services.



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