What Customers Are Saying About Us

2016 J.D. Power Award

For the second time in three years, Agway Energy Services ranked highest in Residential Customer Satisfaction with Retail Electric Service in New York State as part of the J.D. Power Retail Electric Provider Customer Satisfaction study for 2016.

We're very proud of this prestigious award because customer service is our daily focus. Nothing matters more to us than the satisfaction of our customers and delivering the products and services they need and deserve. This award affirms that New York consumers appreciate what Agway Energy has to offer.*

  • J.K. - Gansevoort, NY

    "We have Agway for natural gas and electricity. Best decision we have made."

  • R.A. - Pittsburgh, PA

    "This coverage is so wonderful and really gives us peace of mind. Thank you Agway."

  • S.B. - Brooklyn, NY

    "I made a great decision to choose Agway. Agway is the best ever. Peace of mind is no exaggeration."

  • C.H. - Syracuse, NY

    "Honestly this was so easy. I tell everyone about the valuable service offered by Agway. Why doesn’t everyone use Agway?"

  • D.C. - Rome, NY

    "Great service! Great plan! We’re staying with Agway for everything as a very satisfied customer. Can’t thank you enough."

  • D.V. - Akron, NY

    "I called during a storm. Temperatures were 20 below and we had no heat. Agway came right away and were very helpful!"

  • G.B. - Cohoes, NY

    "Thank you! Thank you! This is the best service imaginable!"

  • J.P. - Marcy, NY

    "You're the best energy supplier that I've ever dealt with. I recommend you to all my friends. Thank you for all the help, you have a loyal customer."

  • K.M. - Rochester, PA

    "Thank you for offering this service. This program offers quick and reliable service which is hard to find. Keep up the good work and thank you!"

  • D.Q. - Clinton, NY

    "Agway is always there when I need them. They're very helpful. Thank you."

  • W.H. - Staten Island, NY

    "Everyone I've dealt with from customer service to the service tech was professional. The service call convinced me to make Agway my electricity supplier as well."

  • R.H. - Middletown, NY

    "EnergyGuard™ makes me feel more secure and have more peace of mind. I actually recommended this to a friend who has already enrolled."

  • T.G. - Binghamton, NY

    "I have told several people what Agway Energy did for my family. Sometimes they ask me to repeat the story because it's so hard to believe."

  • E.J. - North Syracuse, NY

    "I love your service and the responsiveness."

  • R.S. - Rome, NY

    "Thank you so very much. I feel like I have a friend or family member working for us."

  • G.B. - Cohoes, NY

    "Thank you! Thank you! This is the best service imaginable."

  • J.R. - Canonsburg, PA

    "The technician was very thorough and pleasant. Glad to have Agway!"

  • G.D. - Spring Valley, NY

    "You are the greatest! I have never met a company that complies with their commitment as fast as Agway. You are very honest. I will do my best to recommend Agway to everyone I know."

  • S.P. - New Castle, PA

    "Having this coverage is the reason we are Agway customers. Nobody else offers this benefit."

  • P.L. - Whitesboro, NY

    "Great service! Glad we have this program. Would not change our energy service as long as we have this program!"

  • L.B. - Newark, NY

    "Wonderful service! Thank you so much! Especially valuable for senior citizens like us!"

  • P.L. - Whitesboro, NY

    "Great Service! Glad we have this program. Would not change our energy service as long as we have this program!"

  • K.S. - Queensbury, NY

    "I get many offers to switch my energy supplier. But this service with Agway gives me peace of mind."

  • R.T. - from Scotia, NY

    "We have been Agway customers for a long time and this was the first time we needed service. It was a nice experience and proved that what you advertise is real."

  • S.P. - New Castle, PA

    "Having this coverage is the reason we are an Agway customer. Nobody else offers this wonderful benefit!"

  • R.B. - South Glen Falls, NY

    "We love the service and have gotten my co-workers to switch to Agway."

  • B.A. - Albany, NY

    "I am so pleased with the service and I always tell may friends about it."

  • S.L. - Glenn Falls, NY

    "We were so impressed with the assistance that we received on the telephone and by the technician that came to our home. We recommend Agway to everyone!"

  • K.B Troy - New York

    "Service and Program is terrific. I tell friends all the time about the program."

  • P.M. - Jamesville, New York

    "One of the smartest choices I have made was to have Agway Energy as my supplier. Thank you so much for your help!"

  • W. G. - South Glens Falls, NY

    "I have and continue to recommend. Huge help on Christmas Eve!"

  • C. T. - Oswego, NY

    "The tech was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with"

  • M. R. - Clifton Park, NY

    "I can't thank you enough!"

  • K. B. - West Bloomfield, NY

    “The service man did not take 15 minutes to fix the problem. The guy knew what he was doing. I have so many Energy Service People trying to get me to change. I just won't do it."

  • W.P - Castile, NY

    “Your service was excellent!"

  • W.S. - Syracuse, NY

    "Never thought we would need it, but so glad we switched to Agway. We are going to change all of our utilities to Agway."

  • J. S. - Watervliet, NY

    "I cannot tell you how thankful I am that your salesman called on one of the few days I was home. I was very resistant but decided switching to Agway was worth a try. We just bought this house 1 year ago - the furnace is in good condition and worked fine last year. It worked fine this year until one morning we woke up very cold - Agway sent a serviceman out that same day and he was able to fix the problem - Wow -I am THANKFUL!"

  • C. B. - Bronx, NY

    “My family and I truly appreciate the fast response in which your firm replied to our problem and did a beautiful job. Thank you very much."

  • R. A. - Glens Falls, NY

    “We are very happy with Agway. They stand behind their warranty."

  • J. P. - New Hartford, NY

    "So happy to be with your service, thank you!"

  • T. T. - Delmar, NY

    “Thanks - the service is why I stay with Agway."

  • J. T. - Oneida, NY

    "I am so appreciative of this wonderful unique service. I have recommended Agway to all of my family members, and many clients and c0workers."

  • J. K. - Queensbury, NY

    "I always suggest your energy services to friends and family."

  • B. R. - Latham, NY

    "I feel everyone should switch to Agway Energy."

  • J. T. - Cecil, PA

    "Really great service - Thanks"

  • S. P. - New Castle, PA

    "Thanks! This repair program is the reason we remain an Agway customer."

  • W. J. - Cranberry Township, PA

    "The technician was very helpful and knowledgeable. We're very happy with Agway and would recommend to friends and family"

  • J. B. - Saratoga Springs, NY

    “Terrific plan and the service we received was fantastic. I have relayed our satisfaction with Agway's program to all of our friends."

*Agway Energy received the highest numerical score among 9 providers in New York in the J.D. Power 2014 and 2016 Retail Electric Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. 2016 study based on 24,185 total responses, measuring the experiences and perceptions of customers with their retail electric provider, surveyed August-June 2016. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower.com.