Q. If I am enrolled on Agway GreenChoice™ Renewable Electricity with Agway Energy Services, how do I know I am supporting renewable resources?

A: Agway GreenChoice™ power is renewable electricity that is produced from various US based green technologies. It is made available through our renewable energy partner Sterling Planet and green energy markets.

Q. Who is Sterling Planet?

A: Sterling Planet is an innovative pioneer in sustainability, clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon neutrality solutions. They were the winner of the 2007 U.S. Department of Energy Renewable Energy Marketer of the Year award, and they are also a partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leaders. Sterling is recognized as a leader in this field, averting more than 20 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, to date.

Q. What is the mix of power resources I am supporting?

A: Agway GreenChoice™ is a great choice for renewable electricity. We utilize a combination of renewable technologies, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric generation projects, which create renewable energy credits.

Q. Why does Agway GreenChoice™ cost more?

A: The additional cost helps make up the gap between the cost of non-renewable conventional generation and that of cleaner renewable resources. The difference for the average household is under one dollar a day and is a concrete way for people to help change the way power is produced by supporting renewable resources. Currently GreenChoice™ for NY customers costs less than an additional $0.04/kWh and GreenChoice™ for PA customers is less than an additional $0.01/kWh.

Your money supports renewable power generators and not the generators who use nuclear, fossil fuel or coal as a fuel. In addition, you and all the other Agway Energy Services customers who select Agway GreenChoice™ for your electricity needs are helping to clean up our air by displacing brown power and helping to bring more sources of renewable energy into production.

Q. I want to support renewable electricity, but how can I lower my cost?

A: The easiest way to lower your electricity cost is to use energy more efficiently. Taking small steps such as switching to LED lighting can begin to make a difference. New York State has created a web site with many low cost or no cost steps you can take to lower your energy use, save money, reduce your environmental impact and contribute to our country’s energy independence. This site can be found at http://www.getenergysmart.org/

Q. Where can I learn more about renewable electricity?

A: Please visit the website of our renewable energy partner, Sterling Planet at http://www.sterlingplanet.com/.

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