Homeownership is full of ups and downs. For the most part, it’s exciting–the perfect place to create memories and design a space that’s a haven for you and your family. However, unexpected repairs and home projects do occur. And while inevitable, they can be time-consuming, expensive and often frustrating.

Agway Energy Services is the only third party energy supplier that offers EnergyGuard™, a repair program that comes standard with our energy supply. We supply both natural gas and electricity at floating prices in New York*, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

3 Benefits Of EnergyGuard™

  • Repairs Are Included

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Agway Energy Services provides both natural gas and electricity supply. By having Agway as your natural gas supplier, your boiler and furnace are covered should they need repair. For your electricity, EnergyGuard™ provides coverage for your central A/C unit and your interior wiring. 

Learn more about EnergyGuard™ coverage for residential protection and commercial protection

  • It’s Hassle-Free

EnergyGuard™ is truly hassle-free. Our friendly representatives will handle everything. We’ll find the contractor and schedule your service to get your home back up and running for you and your family. 

Plus, Agway’s customer service team is available 24/7 to schedule service and repairs for you. Even weekends and late nights for no extra charge. 

  • EnergyGuard™ Comes Standard 

Perhaps the best thing about EnergyGuard™ is that it’s a standard program already included in the cost of your energy supply. There’s no deductible and the service is there if and when you need it. 

All of these benefits are automatically activated upon activation of your natural gas or electricity supply. Choosing Agway Energy Services means you get your energy backed with EnergyGuard™, providing peace of mind for you and your family. 

Learn more about EnergyGuard™ or contact our helpful customer service representatives if you have questions at 1-888-982-4929. 

*On May 11, 2020 Agway Energy Services will be the only approved mass market energy supplier that can continue to offer a value added service in New York. Learn more about the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) Reset Order here