Picture this: It’s not even noon and already eighty degrees outside with temperatures expected to keep climbing. The humidity levels are off the charts and all you want to do is close the windows, fire up the A/C and relax indoors. You go to your thermostat and hear it turn on but the house doesn’t seem to be cooling down. Before standing at your freezer door to cool off, there are a few reasons your A/C unit might not be cooling as effectively as it could. Check and see if any of these simple fixes might get your A/C back up and running. 

Old Air Filters

Your problem might just be that your air filters are clogged with dust and dirt. A buildup of dirt or blocked air filters can lead to a less effective HVAC system and even higher energy bills. In addition, a clogged air filter can exacerbate allergies and other sinus issues. It’s recommended to change your air filter every 90 days but households with pets may want to change them more often. 

Blocked A/C Condenser Unit

It might sound complicated, and while it’s slightly more work than replacing your air filters, it’s actually pretty simple. The part of your air conditioner that’s outside is known as the condenser unit. Without it, you’d have no cool air as this is where your air conditioner sends the hot air it collects from inside your house. Since you don’t want to trap the warm air, make sure your condenser unit is clean and not blocked by anything. It’s usually relatively simple to disassemble the cover of your unit and remove any leaves and debris either with a broom or a small vacuum cleaner. 

Low Refrigerant 

If you’re A/C is blowing less than frigid air, it might be that your unit is low on refrigerant. Look for ice forming on the evaporator coils–it might be a sign you need new refrigerant. Adding new refrigerant is definitely a job for a professional, but if you receive your electricity supply from Agway, refrigerant replacement is covered under our EnergyGuard™ repair program. Contact us to learn more. 

Duct Leaks

If your A/C unit itself seems to be operating properly but your home still isn’t cooling down, it’s possible it might be a ducting issues. Leaks or improperly installed ducting can lead to issues with your HVAC system resulting in  wasted energy and money. A professional will need to come out and inspect your ductwork to see if that might be the reason your home isn’t cooling down. 

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