The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone congregates and hangs out. It’s also where a huge percentage of your household energy usage comes from. Here’s a handy list of our top five simple energy-saving tips to start using right now in your kitchen.

1. Match the size of your burner with the size of your pot

Using the wrong size burner for the pan or pot you are cooking with leads to inefficient cooking and wasted energy. Your burner should cover the bottom of your cookware, but not be larger than the pot you’re using.

2. Use your oven light

Your oven light is there so that you don’t have to open your oven door to check on the cooking process. Opening the oven door drastically decreases the temperature in your oven resulting in prolonged cooking times and, you guessed it, wasted energy.

3. Be friendly to your fridge

Your refrigerator requires a decent amount of energy to stay at the consistent temperature you set it at (usually around 40° Fahrenheit for your fridge and 0° Fahrenheit for your freezer). Thaw frozen foods in your fridge. As they thaw they will throw off cool air in the fridge helping keep things cool. And don’t put leftovers or other food into the fridge until it’s reached room temperature. Hot items going into your fridge will mean it has to work harder to get back to that cool temperature you like it at.

4. Use an electric kettle

Electric kettles are much more efficient for heating water than a traditional kettle on your stove top. Prepare  your boiling water using an electric kettle and save some energy.

5. Cook on the top shelf

The closer your food is to the heating element (usually at the top of the oven), the faster it will cook. In fact, studies show that cooking on the top shelf may be able to cut your cook time by twenty percent.