Did you know there are other terms for bobbleheads like Nodder and Wobbler? According to collectorsweekly.com, bobbleheads have been around since the 19th century, but it wasn’t until baseball decided to replicate players into a bobblehead form in the 1960s, that they really took off. Today, you can find most sports figures, celebrities, cartoon characters, political figures and more immortalized in collector wobbler form.

Agway Energy, as a proud corporate sponsor of the Baltimore Orioles, has partnered with the Maryland baseball team to create a unique, custom-designed bobblehead of its own. It features the Orioles mascot, Bird, alongside a light bulb emblazoned with the Agway Energy Services logo. What makes this bobblehead unique, and in line to become a collector’s item, is the fact that the light bulb actually lights up! 

A limited run of these bobbleheads was created, and they will not be sold in stores or online. The only way to have one bobbling in your home is to become a new or returning Agway Energy customer. 

Agway Energy Services provides natural gas and electricity in Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania and all Agway customers are automatically protected by our signature EnergyGuard™️ repair protection program. EnergyGuard™️ provides peace of mind and extra protection to your air conditioning unit, heating systems and electrical lines. No deductibles necessary! Plus, Agway offers 24/7/365 customer service, so no matter when you need us, day or night, we are ready to assist you. 

To learn more about the Agway/Orioles bobblehead promotion and sign up with Agway Energy Services, visit: agwayenergy.com/thebird and get yours today!