Celebrate! 4 Ways to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint Independence Day Weekend

Did you know most American families used wood as their primary source of energy back in 1776? A lot has changed since then, including our knowledge on energy efficiency. Let’s face it, we’re all looking forward to the Fourth of July weekend this year, and might not be thinking how to save energy, but minimizing your carbon footprint this holiday is a lot easier than you think.

Watching Firework Energy

Americans love their fireworks! On the Fourth of July alone, we use the equivalent of the full weight of the Statue of Lady Liberty herself. Funny enough, fireworks actually generate energy and the boom, crack or pop you hear is the quick release of it. Instead of streaming a firework show on the TV in your air conditioned home, try watching fireworks in the neighborhood, walking to a local school stadium or setting off your own (depending on your city’s regulations). 

Fire Up the Grill

Cookouts and barbecues are synonymous with friends, family, good music and great food. This holiday weekend, try cooking all your dishes outside on a gas or fire grill. Prepare cold or room temperature sides that won’t rely on the microwave, oven or stove. You can also chill beverages in coolers instead of inside the house and fridge. This also alleviates foot traffic and the need to run your air conditioner during the party. 

Ice Cream Cool Down

Cool down with ice cream, popsicles and fresh lemonade instead of boosting your fan and air conditioner consumption. Remember, while ice cream might make you feel cooler, water and hydrating foods like watermelon will actually give you more relief if heat exhaustion kicks in. And if you really want to “cool” down, spicy foods that make you sweat (like hot peppers) will provide an excellent cooling sensation.

Take it Outside

Turn off the ring light, the overhead lights and take it outside. Even your work! Dining, having your morning coffee or reading before you go to bed outside during the summer evenings can significantly cut down your energy bill. Try taking the annual family Monopoly game outside this year instead of inside, too.

Stars and stripes are forever. And so is celebrating your reduced carbon footprint! If you’d like to learn more about ways to save energy this summer, go here