It’s fall which means it’s officially baking season. Whether you’re baking up banana bread or prepping for a pumpkin pie in the coming months, we have put together a few tips to ensure you can enjoy all your baked goodies without busting your energy bill. 

Use The Proper Bakeware 

It might seem insignificant, but choosing the proper bakeware can make all the difference in your energy usage when baking (not to mention the end result of your baked item). Glass and ceramic bakeware is better at conducting heat than metal alternatives. This means that you can actually lower your oven temperature by about 25 degrees and bake for the same amount of time with a perfect end result. 

Likewise, when cooking on the stove, copper bottom pots heat up faster than regular pans, helping you use less energy to cook. And according to the Department of Energy, a pot that has a warped bottom can take 50% more energy to boil water than a flat-bottomed pot. 

Preheat Precisely 

It happens… You’re prepping a meal and you preheat your oven. Thirty minutes goes by and you still haven’t put the dish in the oven. That’s an energy waste. Most ovens preheat in less than ten minutes and to bake as efficiently as possible, put your dishes in right away. 

Remember To Turn Off Your Oven

Silly as it may be, remember to turn your oven off once your food is done cooking. Oftentimes we get distracted or excited to dig in that the oven keeps heating (and using energy) well after the cooking process is completed. In fact, you can turn your oven off a few minutes before the designated cooking time–your oven will retain its heat and continue to cook. 

Cook With Alternative Appliances 

If your item can be cooked using a smaller appliance, opt for that to save some energy. Cooking or baking in toaster ovens, microwaves and slow cookers can save you up to 80% on your energy usage. 

Clean Your Oven Sparingly 

If you use your self-clean option on your oven, limit the usage to no more than once a month. While self-cleaning ovens tend to be more energy efficient, they still utilize a large amount of energy to run a cleaning cycle. When you do use the self-clean option, run immediately after baking something to save energy since your oven will already be preheated.