Home Energy ProviderAgway powers your home with electricity and natural gas. But before it was a home energy provider, Agway was part of the agricultural sector, working to support and promote local farmers. As the industry changed, however, Agway moved into the residential sector, applying the lessons it had learned in order to deliver energy to homeowners as an alternative option to regional, state-run utilities.

From Farms to You

Agway began as part of an agricultural cooperative, a network of small, Northeastern farmers working together to increase their market strength and compete with large, industrialized farms. Each branch of the cooperative specialized in a different but complementary service, a one-stop shop for members in need of help. There was:

  • Agway Energy Products. Delivered heating oil and propane to farmers and their families.
  • Agway Agricultural Products. Provided essential farming products, such as fertilizer and bulk feed.
  • Agway Insurance Group. Protected farmers with a broad range of financial tools, including property, automotive, liability, and health insurance.
  • Agway Retail Services. Sold farm and garden equipment, as well as pet food.

Because local farmers lived and worked on the same property, powering their businesses also meant powering their homes. Eventually, Agway Energy signed an agreement with National Grid, a British conglomerate, to deliver gas and electricity to customers across the Northeastern United States.

In 2003, Agway was purchased by Suburban Propane. Suburban Propane took direct control of Agway’s propane and heating oil divisions but left electricity and natural gas to operate on their own under the Agway name. Taking advantage of deregulated markets in New York and Pennsylvania, Agway continued its tradition as a one-stop home energy provider.

Always searching for new ways to provide value, in 2013 Agway created EnergyGuardTM, a repair service designed to keep our customers’ essential systems (furnace/boiler, air conditioner, and interior wires) operating smoothly year-round. Other customer-only perks quickly followed, such as quarterly customer-only gifts.

Your Home Energy Provider

Even though we are no longer part of a cooperative, Agway has always operated as part of a community. That’s why we go out of our way to add unique value to the services we provide. By offering more benefits than your local energy provider, such as our EnergyGuardTM Repair Program, Agway is fulfilling its central priorities: value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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