If you’re like the majority of the country, you’re spending more time than ever inside your home. Between kids being home from school and many adults working from home to comply with social distancing orders, you might be seeing a spike in your monthly energy consumption. Not to worry! Here are a few tips to help you conserve energy while remaining safely indoors. 

Tip #1: Let The Sun Shine

If the sun is  shining, even if only for a few hours, make sure to open your blinds and curtains. Not only will the added light and warmth be good for you and your family’s mood, but it will help cut down on the need for lights and heat. 

Tip #2: Resist Being Plugged In

There’s nothing better than having your laptop, cell phone or tablet be fully charged and at 100%, but it’s not necessary and it can consume extra energy. Wait until your devices are low on energy to plug in and utilize sleep mode on your computer to help conserve energy (and save a little money). 

While you’re at it, upgrade to smart powerstrips. Smart powerstrips can sense when your appliances are off and go into “phantom” mode. This, in turn, saves you energy and money. 

Tip #3: Don’t Dry With Heat

With more time spent at home, your dishwasher might be getting more use as well. Run your dishwasher with the heat dry setting turned off. This small step could cut down your dishwasher’s energy consumption by about 15%

Tip #4: Cool It Down

Did you know about 90% of the energy your washer uses is used to heat the water? Wash your laundry in cold water and save big! Plus, cool water is gentler on your clothes and linens helping them last longer. Take your energy efficiency a step further and line dry your clothes outdoors if the weather permits.

This is a challenging time for all of us but hopefully these tips will help you use energy responsibly while staying comfortable in your home. Looking for ways to stay busy while social distancing at home? Check out these ideas. And most importantly, stay healthy and safe.