Save Money on Home RepairsYesterday was Financial Awareness Day, a time for Americans to take a look at our savings and consider our future. Where is our money going? Are we investing wisely? Will we be ready to face retirement twenty, thirty, or fifty years from now?

Even though retirement may seem far off for some, it’s never too early to start preparing. None of us want to work forever. And while hard work is the foundation for a happy retirement, it’s not the only factor. The money we earn working can also be put to work making money of its own. Investing creates opportunities to multiply our savings and build a nest egg to support us later in life.

While there is never a bad time to start planning our financial future, Financial Awareness Day encourages us to start now. For instance, we could:

  • Consult a financial planner
  • Join an investment club
  • Open a retirement account
  • Read up on financial literature
  • Examine your monthly budget and expenses

Sadly, few of us take full advantage of the financial opportunities around us because of uncertainty regarding our expenses. When we don’t know how much we can expect to spend each month, it becomes difficult to set aside money for retirement. And while the cost of gas and electricity is easy to predict one month to the next, the cost of home repairs is not.

The Best Way to Save Money on Home Repairs

A broken furnace can cost you as much as $2,000. A broken air conditioner, up to $3,400. And you never know when you’ll have to pay: next week, next month, next year. But at some point, it will happen. All heating and cooling systems eventually break down due to wear and tear. And when they do, you’re stuck with the bill.

But EnergyGuardTM offers an easy way to save money on home repairs. Rather than paying out-of-pocket when their heating or cooling systems malfunction, EnergyGuardTM customers call us instead. They’re protected from these types of home repair. For a small service fee, we send out a technician to diagnose and fix the broken system. Labor and materials are covered. And if the system cannot be repaired, we’ll pay to have it replaced.

Saving money on home repairs naturally reduces your financial uncertainty. With a stable monthly budget, you have more resources to put towards retirement. Money that had to be held in reserve to cover sudden expenses is freed up to invest elsewhere.

Save Money with Agway

When you sign up with Agway, you’re automatically enrolled in our EnergyGuardTM program. With EnergyGuardTM, you save money on home repairs right away, with 24-hour protection and support. If you’re not a customer already, sign up today! Safeguard your home and your finances against expensive, unexpected breakdowns.