Agway is celebrating Money Smart Week this week ‒ seven days set aside to help people develop the skills and knowledge they need to make well-informed financial decisions. Managing your money isn’t hard, but it does require careful planning.

To stay afloat and meet your goals, you need to know how much money is coming in and how much is going out. You need to create a monthly budget and map out your expenses, so you know what you need to spend and what you can afford to save. Saving creates a buffer against emergencies, such as medical bills, losing your job, or damage to your heating, cooling, or electrical systems.

Protecting Your Finances with EnergyGuardTM

Some expenses can be anticipated: taxes, utilities, college tuition, etc. Others come suddenly, without any warning: a tree crashes through your roof or your kid breaks his leg playing football. Breakdowns in your furnace, air conditioning, and internal wiring are both sudden and expected. You don’t know when they’re going to happen, only that they will happen.

Every appliance in your home is subject to wear and tear. No matter how well maintained, the stress and friction from ordinary use inevitably causes it to fail. Without the right support, the average furnace and air conditioner give out after 15-20 years, sometimes sooner, and repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Expenses like that can break your budget and send you spiraling into debt. Don’t be caught off guard. Be money smart by joining Agway’s EnergyGuardTM program. EnergyGuardTM is a protection plan, designed to safeguard your home and finances. When one of your essential systems (heating, cooling, electrical) breaks down, Agway steps in paying the cost on covered repairs.

We arrange for a contractor to diagnose and repair the problem and pay for any approved critical components that need to be replaced. Unlike our competition, we don’t charge service fees or deductibles. Joining Agway turns breakdowns from a crisis into an ordinary budget item. Instead of tanking your monthly finances, they hardly affect them at all.

Every customer is enrolled in EnergyGuardTM automatically, as soon as they join. So don’t wait. Plan ahead and protect yourself from breakdowns before they occur. Sign up with Agway today!