School is in session and this year it looks a little different. Across the country, children are going “back to school” from their homes in an effort to protect against the spread of COVID-19. With this comes increased energy usage and most likely a higher energy bill. Here are a few ways to conserve energy while distance learning and boosting your savings. 

Go Natural 

Choose natural light whenever possible. Set up your child (or yourself if you’re working from home) near a window or in a room that gets lots of natural sunlight. This will help you cut back on the number of lamps or ceiling lights you need to turn on, saving you energy. Plus, natural light can help boost you and your child’s mood. 

Beware Of Vampire Appliances 

“Vampire appliances” are items in your home that remain plugged in, accessing power and energy that are not in use. Unplug chargers, printers and any televisions that aren’t being used to save energy. Also, make sure your child turns off their computer monitor or laptop screen when not in use. 

Try plugging all learning related electronics (i.e. tablets, computers, printers, etc.) into a power strip that can be turned off after class is through. 

Light It Up

If you can’t utilize natural light to brighten your child’s learning day, ensure you are using the correct light bulbs. Replace any incandescent light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient options to help save up to 90% in lighting costs each year. 

Install a bluer light marked with 5000K for mood boosting properties and an energizing glow. 

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Don’t forget to reverse the spin of your ceiling fan. Reversing the spin on your fan to clockwise pushes warm air back down into your rooms, keeping your child warm during their school day. 

Still working from home? Remember, all of these tips are also applicable to any adults working from home as well.