Sadly, the rapid pace of modern life means Americans don’t spend as much time with our dogs as we used to. Instead of running around outside, more often than not our dogs are stuck indoors. We’ve gotten so busy, we sometimes even pay people to walk our dogs for us. 

In fact, it was one of these people, Jim Buck, America’s first professional dog walker, who founded National Walk the Dog Day, as a way to encourage Americans to spend more time with their pets. 

National Walk the Dog Day is celebrated on February 22. Take the opportunity to get out and have some fun with your dog! It’s the best way to bond with them. Dogs love running around, rolling in the grass, splashing in lakes and rivers. But most of all, they love spending time with us.  

So show your dog some love. Take them for a walk. Go to the park or the woods, someplace they’ve never been before. Dogs love to explore new sights and smells. Or arrange a playdate with local dog owners. Or walk to a pet-friendly restaurant and buy them a special treat. If you live near the ocean, take them to the beach and let them chase the waves. 

Remember, walking your dog doesn’t just make them happy. It’s also good for their health. Regular walks keep their limbs strong and supple. They reduce the effects of obesity and arthritis in older dogs and help younger dogs burn off excess energy.

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