Nobody likes having to call a repairman out to the house. But once the repair person arrives and tells you your central A/C system needs some costly repairs done, how do you know what to do? Here are some helpful hints  to think about when it comes to air conditioning repair and replacement.

What type of A/C system is it?

Older systems that use Freon (also known as R-22) will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. The reason being, the EPA announced that as of 2020, no more new Freon can be manufactured or imported. While recycled refrigerant will still be readily available for the near future, as supplies dwindle, prices will increase.

Freon is expensive, with costs as high as $200/lb and the average system requiring between seven to eight pounds of Freon to operate. Agway’s EnergyGuard™ repair protection program covers Freon costs for the time being, however systems using Freon will soon be obsolete and require replacement.

How old is your A/C unit?

The average A/C unit has a lifespan of about 12-20 years. If your system is under ten years old you might consider repairing your unit rather than replacing it. As your system begins to age the decision becomes more tricky.

If your air conditioner is around 10 years old you’ll want to first weigh your options. If your unit uses Freon, as mentioned above, it may ultimately be cheaper to move forward with replacing the unit. However, maintenance and a simple repair or two may keep your unit running for another ten years and usually makes the most sense.

An A/C unit nearing twenty years old is likely in its decline. If your unit is requiring multiple repairs or is consistently needing service, it may make the most sense to replace the unit.

Is your A/C unit under warranty?

Home warranties, at times, cover air conditioning units. However, most warranties cover the cost of parts but not other materials or labor required to get your unit back up and running. This is where a repair protection program like Agway’s EnergyGuard™ makes the most sense. EnergyGuard™ covers repair and service, and even covers the cost of Freon in cases of older units. Plus, you automatically receive this coverage when you purchase electricity service from Agway.

Keep these ideas in mind when debating to repair or replace your A/C system. Click here to learn if Agway with EnergyGuard™ is right for you.