Natural gas may seem like a commonplace utility, but do you know why it’s an optimal energy source to fuel your home? Here are three main reasons why you should choose natural gas to power your home for you and your family:

  • It’s A Low Emission Energy Source

Utilizing natural gas in your home for heating, cooling, water heating, cooking and running other household appliances can help cut your carbon emissions by almost half. According to the American Gas Association, households that use natural gas versus all-electric households produce 37 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions.

And the most efficient usage of natural gas is directly from the source, rather than converting it to electricity first. When it’s taken from the ground and used directly in your home for your appliances and other needs, natural gas is 92% energy efficient. 

  • It’s A Reliable Energy Source 

    Natural gas is an energy source you can rely on no matter the weather or season. It’s delivery is unaffected by storms and inclement weather making it a great way to power your home year round.

  • It’s An Affordable Energy Source

Households that have natural gas powered appliances can save upwards of $850 a year compared to households that use all electrical appliances. This is mainly due to the fact that technological advances have made it more accessible and available than ever. These advancements result in a larger supply and more stable, affordable prices for consumers.

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