Just like regular maintenance on your car keeps it up and running for many years without unexpected surprises, maintenance on your heating and/or cooling systems is just as important. Preventive maintenance checks this time of year keep your heating system running all winter reducing surprise breakdowns while ensuring it operates at maximum efficiency. Plan to schedule your heating system check in the fall each year (central air conditioning checks should be scheduled in the spring).

In addition to eliminating worry, there are three big reasons why you should schedule preventive maintenance checks:

  1. Fewer Repairs: Preventative maintenance helps reduce the likelihood of a surprise breakdown or expensive repair because any issue will be caught before it can do real damage.
  2. Longer Equipment Life: For furnaces/boilers to function properly, they need to be serviced and cleaned regularly. It only takes one malfunctioning part to cause a domino effect resulting in the entire system breaking down. A regular maintenance program prevents this from happening and prolongs the equipment’s life.
  3. Lower Energy Bills: The fact that your heating system appears to be working without any apparent problem does not mean everything is fine. Neglected systems slowly lose their ability to keep your home comfortable at the same level of efficiency as they once did. Having your system professionally maintained will reduce its energy consumption.

Customers of Agway Energy Services have the year-round protection of Agway EnergyGuardTM built in. In the middle of January, when they come home to find frigid air blowing through their vents, they simply have to pick up the phone. Agway will dispatch a local, vetted service technician to their home. Agway customers never pay a service or after-hours fee, and do not pay for covered parts and labor, saving hundreds of dollars a year! Visit our EnergyGuardTM website page for a full list of covered parts and services for residential and commercial protection.

As a special bonus, now through November 10, 2023, Agway natural gas customers can call and schedule their complimentary heating preventive maintenance system check. For more information, please visit agwayenergy.com/get-ready-for-winter or contact our friendly customer service agents at 1-888-982-4929.

Between EnergyGuardTM and special offers like our no-cost heating maintenance check, being an Agway Energy Services customer certainly pays off. If you aren’t a customer you can sign up online or call a helpful customer service agent at 1-888-982-4929. Have questions? Try our chat feature!