New York Electricity Supplier

With Agway Energy Services, our residential and commercial customers in New York receive reliable electricity supply with repair protection provided by EnergyGuardTM.

Why Choose Agway For Your New York Electricity Needs?

If you are tired of being tied down by local utility companies for your electricity supply, consider switching to Agway Energy Services. Agway is an alternative energy supplier that offers best-in-class services, value, and peace of mind in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Through state-level deregulation, New York residents and businesses now have the freedom to choose their electricity provider to begin receiving outstanding service from an energy company that treats them like family.

In 2020 the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) allowed Agway to conduct business as usual when the PSC ordered their market reset. In fact, the Agway model is one of only a few approved ways all ESCOs must do business in the State of New York. When you select Agway, you can begin receiving outstanding service from an energy company approved by the New York PSC.

With over 100 years of experience, we are a reliable alternative to local utility companies. Being a subsidiary of Suburban Propane, our business focuses on customer satisfaction, making sure our customers receive the highest quality and most reliable services around. Making the switch could not be easier.

What is the Difference Between a Utility Company and an Electricity Supplier?

While both offer electricity services to customers, there are distinctions between the two. Utility companies maintain electrical lines and deliver electricity to your home or business. An electricity provider maintains plans, rates, and customer service for their customers.

Agway Energy is a third-party energy supplier providing you with options for your electricity supply. Unlike the utility, we include equipment service through EnergyGuardTM to reduce the anxiety associated with essential system repair expenses.

The Benefits of Switching to Agway Energy Services For Your Energy Needs

Our Customer Service Agents Are Available 24/7/365

In the event of an issue with your covered systems, our US-based customer service agents will dispatch a certified technician to solve the problem.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customers are always our number one priority. We strive to make your experience an exceptional one.

Hassle-Free Signup

Worried that switching to a new service is going to take a long time or cause interruptions in your service? Think again. Our sign-up process is quick and easy to use. You'll be eligible for repair services in no time.

We Love Hearing From Our Customers

Our Included Features:

Peace of Mind Comes Standard with Agway EnergyGuard™

Repair Program

All EnergyGuardTM Plans Come With

See how Agway EnergyGuard™ can benefit you in this short video!


We have a variety of pricing programs to fit your needs, including our Budget Payment Plan, and service-specific programs for both natural gas and electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

While currently available in many utility service areas in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, Agway Energy Services continues to expand into deregulated markets throughout the country.

In addition to providing superior customer service, Agway Energy Services also saves customers hundreds of dollars on repair costs with EnergyGuardTM.

Your local utility will continue to deliver electricity to your home or business; they will also continue to provide all the services you’re used to– such as reading your meter, maintaining your wires and gas lines, and handling emergencies.

In most cases you will continue to receive one bill from your local utility, which will include Agway Energy Services’ charge for the electricity along with your delivery charge from the utility.

  • No minimum charge per month.
  • No security deposit required.