It’s about that point in the winter when you may be finding yourself eagerly awaiting spring and the warmer weather it will bring. But in preparation for the new season, here are three home improvement projects you can take on this winter. 

Change Your Air Filters

1. Change Your Air Filters

You probably should have done this at the beginning of the season (and if you did, bravo!). But, since furnace filters last about three months, it’s probably about time to replace, or at least inspect, your current one even if you did replace it as part of your winter prep. Considering the cool weather shows no signs of stopping, take a few minutes to replace your furnace filter. 

Taking the time to replace your furnace air filter will help save you money in energy costs as your furnace will run much more efficiently. TIP: Avoid any frustration by verifying the size you need prior to buying a replacement.

Upgrade Your Insulation

2. Upgrade Your Insulation

Alright, so it’s not the most exciting home improvement project out there. However, adding insulation or upgrading existing insulation could save you hundreds on your utility bills. Not only that, it’ll make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly in the process. 

Check your attic, crawlspaces and basement for any areas that may be lacking insulation. Depending on the location and the amount of insulation you need, it may be a simple and affordable project you can take on yourself.

Repaint A Room

3. Repaint A Room

No, this home improvement project won’t save you any money on your utilities. But, after being indoors all winter long, giving a room a fresh new coat of paint can make a big difference. Try a fresh color to help brighten your mood. Plus, paint is an affordable way to make a big decorative change just in time for a new season. 

If by the end of the season, your heating system doesn’t seem to be operating as it should, it may be time to get it tuned up. Agway with EnergyGuard™ covers most system repairs and comes standard with all Agway supply. Contact our helpful staff for a consultation at  1-888-982-4929.