3 Energy-Saving Areas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Even as the temperatures start to drop, outdoor living spaces will continue to get a lot of use well into fall. Many outdoor living areas come equipped with seating, a dining spot, lighting, fireplaces, grills, pools, heaters, and the list goes on. If you use your outdoor space regularly, using all of these amenities will take a hit on your wallet. Here are three areas where you can save energy on your outdoor living space.

Mood Lighting

Solar-powered lighting for the patio, pool or landscaping is a great way to add light and set the mood — all while saving energy! On top of that, be sure to upgrade all of your bulbs to LEDs. They last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use about 70-90% less energy. You can also try setting timers for lighting so they don’t run all day or stay on overnight. 

The Pool

For a typical home with an in-ground pool, the cost could be as much as 30% of the household’s energy bill. Be sure to switch out your pump for an energy-efficient one, put it on the lowest speed and utilize a timer instead of running it all the time. You can also install solar energy panels to help heat your pool, or not heat it at all!

Grill Time

Using the grill is a great way to save on energy use inside the house. Prepare cold or room temperature sides that won’t rely on the microwave, oven or stove. You can also chill beverages in coolers instead of inside the house and fridge. This also alleviates foot traffic and the need to run your air conditioner while you’re outside.