Go Green This St. Patrick’s DayWhen thinking about St. Patrick’s Day you probably envision leprechauns, gold coins, four leaf clovers and the color green. Inspired by the holiday, we compiled a few easy and efficient ways to live a little greener and maybe even locate a pot of gold (or at least save a few bucks on your energy bill). 

Try To “Precycle” As Much As Possible 

Similar to recycling, the idea of precycling is to think about the lifespan of certain products that you purchase. For example, when you are buying food at the grocery store, think about the amount of waste that results from the items you buy. Does the food utilize excess packaging? Can you purchase the item in packaging that could be reused or that has less packaging? Many items can be purchased from bulk bins in grocery stores (i.e. nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients and spices) and stored in reusable containers at home. This helps cut down on waste and is an overall greener decision. 

Sign Up For Paperless Billing

The opportunity for paperless billing or digital billing is available from many financial institutions and utilities these days. Opting in typically takes less than a minute and can help cut down on the amount of paper you consume and waste you produce. 

Opt For Email Receipts 

Similar to paperless billing, many retailers offer the option to opt out of receiving a printed receipt. Opting for email or text receipts allows you to cut down on the amount of waste you produce. Plus, having a digital record of all your receipts can make it easier to return items (no more throwing receipts out by accident!) and track spending. 

Turn Off Or Unplug Unused Appliances

Done with work for the day? Turn off your computer monitor to help cut down on unnecessary power consumption. Only use your waffle maker on weekends? Make sure it’s unplugged during the week. Making these small changes throughout your home can help you save up to $200 in energy usage each year. 

Do Less Laundry

The old idea that an item of clothing needs to be washed after one wear is outdated and as far from green as you can get. Just because you wore your favorite jeans to dinner doesn’t mean they need to be washed. With in-between season weather, laying items is a smart move. Just make sure you hang that sweater or jacket back up instead of automatically tossing into the hamper. And since your washer and dryer make up a huge portion of your energy bill, you’ll save money and make your home a little greener in the process.