National Puppy Day: Energy Saving Tips For Dog OwnersToday is National Puppy Day making it the perfect day to take note of some easy ways to make your home more energy efficient for the dog in your life. These tips can help keep your pup safe and healthy while also helping you save on energy costs. 

Use a smart thermostat

Using a smart or programmable thermostat can help you regulate your home’s temperature and keep it comfortable for your pet without breaking the bank. Plus, most smart thermostats allow you to control from wherever you are via your mobile device so it’s even easier to keep your home comfortable for  your animals. For specifics on how warm or cool your home should be for your pet when you are not home (especially one with a health condition), talk to your pet’s veterinarian. 

Do not leave lights on

If you’re headed out of town or working late and you’re worried about your pup sitting in the dark, don’t be. Animal eyes, dogs included, are able to adjust to dimly lit environments so the added light isn’t necessary. In addition, dogs rely on natural light changes to help regulate their internal schedules. 

Install an energy efficient pet door

A doggie door is an area that can lead to wasted energy if you don’t install the right type or install it correctly. Ensure your pet door has a strong seal to prevent warm or cool air from escaping and costing extra money to keep your home at the right temperature. 

Wash pet bedding in cold water

Washing anything in warm or hot water increases the amount of energy used (and money spent) by almost 90%. When it’s that time to freshen up your pet’s bedding and toys, wash them in tap cold water to save energy and get them clean. 

Do not leave fans running 

While a fan can make quite a difference in cooling or circulating air for humans, they don’t do all that much for pets and particularly for dogs with longer hair. Most dogs, especially those with thick coats or long fur, will not feel the air from a fan.